*IMPERFECT* Tube Feeding Pump Badge Reel

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This is an IMPERFECT badge reel, and has minor flaws that do not affect its function. The flaws are not readily noticeable from more than a couple feet away! Imperfections in your items may include:

-Spots with a slight sheen when turned at a certain angle due to the adhesive

-Tiny chips/scratches in the print

-See second photo for example of typical imperfections


This acrylic badge reel features a tube feeding pump with "RD" printed on the screen of the pump. Perfect for any clinical dietitian! In fact, I think all the nutrition support RDs you know need one ;)

*Not compatible with interchangeable badge reels.

- hard acrylic plastic face
- easy to sanitize
- clear housing badge reel mechanism permanently affixed to the back
- swivel alligator clip

PLEASE NOTE: Placing multiple IDs and other items (especially heavy items like keys) may put additional strain on the reel which may contribute to the reel failing to retract. Per the manufacturer, the reel mechanism is rated for 100,000 pulls and can support approximately 4oz.  


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