Our Story

What We Believe

At Donut Season, we believe nutrition is an art and a science, and should be celebrated. Our hope is to normalize the fact that there are no good or bad foods, provide encouragement and humor, and promote Registered Dietitians as nutrition experts.

It's always donut season

What Does Donut Season Mean?

My 3-year-old son had been asking all winter if we could buy a watermelon at the grocery store, but I kept telling him no, explaining they weren’t in season yet.

He finally gave up on the watermelon, but as we started down the baked goods aisle one day, he made a new request. “Mommy, can we get some powdered donuts today? They’re in season!” And honestly, I couldn’t even argue with that.

So that became the running joke in our house- it’s always donut season! This new mantra embodies my 'all foods fit' philosophy well, and celebrates one of the most delicious and fun foods on the planet, while reminding me daily of my precious kids. So, it was a perfect choice when it came time to name this project.

Where It Started

Growing up, I remember searching for my name on those racks of personalized keychains and little tin license plates in gift shops. Although 'Miranda' isn't all that rare, it's no Sarah or Katie. Anytime I actually found my name, I was overjoyed- finally, I was included! Something made for me!

As a dietitian, I often still feel this way. Some people have heard of a dietitian, but not many actually understand the profession, who we are, or what we do. "Oh cool, so you sell vitamins? And like, make meal plans for people to lose weight?" If I had a nickel, am I right? And good luck finding cute products for dietitians. Shirts and decals for nurses and teachers are a dime a dozen, but the pickin' is slim for RDs!

So in 2020, I started creating designs that I thought dietitians would appreciate. A lot of them have a broader appeal (we all like food!) but Donut Season started as a way to make dietitians feel known and seen. An avenue to connect with other RDs, embrace science, and celebrate food in a quirky, mostly encouraging, and only a little bit sassy way.

Wow, you really read this whole thing!?

Thanks for being here, whether you're a fellow dietitian, nerdy food pun enthusiast, or simply a kind human who likes food. Y'all are my people!