Discounts + Coupon Codes

Choose any sticker FREE with a purchase of $10 or more!

The coupon code FREEBIE is always active, and is good for one free sticker on any purchase of $10+. For the code to work, you must have $10 of products in your cart, plus the freebie sticker you'd like, and make sure to put the code FREEBIE in the discount code box (not the notes/gift message box). This will then automatically deduct the cost of the sticker.

In other words, the value of your cart has to be $10 *not including* the value of your freebie sticker. For instance; if you add 3 stickers to your cart for a total of $10.50 and try to use the coupon code, deducting one sticker would put your total at $7.00. This won't work because the cart total will then be less than $10.

Make sure you are putting the code FREEBIE in the promo code box, not the notes/gift message box that appears at the bottom of the screen on the cart page. The promo box will be on the right side of the page once you click through to the checkout page. If you put the discount code in the notes box it will not apply, and we cannot retroactively apply the code to a completed order.

If you're having trouble with a different code, it's likely the same issue if a minimum purchase amount or item quantity is required. If you still can't figure out the issue, email us at to get it fixed!

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All quantity based/bulk discounts are applied automatically in your cart once the quantity threshold has been reached!

Bulk discounts are available for quantities as low as 10 within most product categories. You can mix and match designs- you just need a qualifying number of items within the same category. For example, 5 All Foods Fit magnets and 5 Dang Good Dietitian magnets will qualify for the 10+ item discount. But, 5 All Foods Fit magnets and 5 All Foods Fit buttons would not. Read more about price breaks and details for our Bulk Discount program HERE.


We are happy to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the United States of $35 or more!

While it is a bummer, we are unable to offer free shipping on international orders. We understand it is quite expensive, and by the same token, we're unable as a small (tiny?) business to absorb the cost of shipping or customs while keeping prices affordable across all our offerings. If you are one of our valued Canadian supporters, we truly appreciate your business, given the investment that we know it requires! Read our full shipping policy HERE.