Chin Up, Pudding Cup Badge Reel + Topper

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Pudding cups > Buttercups

Select from the dropdown menu either a permanently attached badge reel, interchangeable badge reel, or only the badge reel topper in this design.

The interchangeable badge reel comes with industrial strength 3M Dual Lock fastener attached, and is compatible with any interchangeable badge reel sold by Donut Season. This fastener is similar to Velcro or other hook and loop fasteners, but made from more durable interlocking plastic rated for 1000+ reattachments.

- clear housing badge reel mechanism with swivel alligator clip
-dual lock fastener affixed to front of badge reel and back of topper
- topper measures 1.5" wide (standard badge reel without topper is 1.25")
- easy to sanitize, no fabric parts


PLEASE NOTE: Placing multiple IDs and other items (especially heavy items like keys) may put additional strain on the reel which may contribute to the reel failing to retract. Per the manufacturer, the reel mechanism is rated for 100,000 pulls and can support approximately 4oz.  

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